Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dec 28, 2008

Well, I decided to colic due to the drastic weather changes. Mom called the vet out in the morning to tube me with electrolytes and mineral oil. I was such a big boy! The vet couldn't believe how well behaved I was for the stomach tube. She said I acted more mature than all those sissy thoroughbred babies! That oil concoction was disgusting going down, but it did make my belly feel better. The vet left and mom left me up in the barn in a stall. I could see my buddies, but couldn't go play with them.

Well, I just rolled and rolled all afternoon. My belly still hurt. The oil wasn't making me feel much better. I didn't want to eat or drink anything. Mom came back out to check on me. She decided to call the vet again. The vet came back out and stuck a catheter in my neck. OUCH!!! That hurt, but I was still brave. They pumped me full of 15 liters of fluids. Mom kept rubbing my ears, so that felt good. I had to stay in the stall over night, but mom made it easier by bringing my buddy into the barn for me so I had company.

Finally, Monday I got turned back out with my friends, and have been fine ever since.

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  1. Hey there Duncan!!!
    I'm glad you're feeling better. It sucks to not feel good, huh? When I was hurt my mom made me stay in a tiny little stall for a long, long time...she said it was for my own good, whatev....I think she secretly thought it would stunt my growth...tee hee, I just string-tested to be 16.2:O) she wishes she kept me there longer now...See ya soon!